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Saturday, January 13, 2007

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Random Update

Since losing my job things have been pretty uneventful. I've put in a bunch of applications with the state and at the Foundation but only had one interview. Other than that it's been mostly school and Capoeira. I'm frequently sore from going to Capoeira, but that's a good thing I suppose. Things are going pretty well at the studio. Lots of people are coming to the studio from the Sac State class so things are good there. The beginner classes are getting very full these days. Galego might just have to start kicking me out of those classes to make room for the beginners.
My thumb hurts. It got smashed with a stick last night doing Maculele. I don't think it's serious, but it's annoying. It prevents me from playing guitar hero.
I got all the classes I wanted for next semester and it's going to be a pretty busy semester (again). Let's see "The Modern American Short Story" "The Victorian Imagination" "Children's Literature Classics" "Capoeira" "Symbolic Logic" and some class that fulfills my race and ethnicity requirement. Go lots of units. Sixteen total, but 2 of the classes are undergraduate so they shouldn't be bad and there's Capoeira, which doesn't have homework. I am going to have so much reading to do.
But I'm graduating in just about a year. By fall of next year I'll have my BA in English to go along with my 2 AA's and then maybe I'll find a real job that might feel like a career (gasp!).
Well, I need to get back to an essay that's due tomorrow.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Real Update

So yes, I am updating my blog. I don't know when will be the next time, but don't count on this being a regular thing.

SO I recently lost my job. The first thing I want to go into here is the reason I lost my job. As you may or may not know I was working for the state. I wasn't employed by the state, but was actually employed by the Foundation at Sac State and simply working for the state at CalPERS. None of that really matters I suppose. But yes, working for the state is what I did do as a student assistant. While there my job included very little work. I made copies, faxed things, just random little jobs that really weren't things higher paid people wanted to do. It was very nice gig I had there and everything was going quite well. But then I got a new boss. She was a totally inept woman who decided to pass off nearly every one of her tasks to myself and the other student. From what I can tell she did very little other than take credit for other people's work and kiss the big bosses ass.

A couple months ago someone came up with the grand idea of having T-shirts made for our project with our little logo and all that jazz and who gets the project? Well that would be my ever negligent boss. And what does she do with said project? She hands it off to me! Well I start on the project and get where I can. I find out what size, color and style of T-shirts everyone wants and go back to her because I have no idea what to do next in this line of T-shirt ordering. She takes it and I figure that's the last I'll see of it. But oh no. What does she do next? She hands it off to the other student assistant (who had been working with us for less than a month at that point) and has her place the order for the shirts. I won't go into more details about it but this total process took 3 months and passed between myself and the other student at least 3 more times before the T-shirts are confirmed and arrive at our work. So yeah, after that comes the task of distribution. This is where the problem comes in. You see when we were getting everyone's size, style and color we used these little blue cards that had everyone's info on them and what happened to these cards you ask? Why they were thrown out during some desk cleaning. They are gone, completely and irrevocably.

That is why I lost my job. Because we couldn't get some T-shirts distributed for a project that we (the students) should not have had in the first place and someone had to take the blame for it. Of course here's the kicker, what happened to the other student? Absolutely nothing. The entirety of the blame was shifted onto me, but the thing is both I and the other student shared the blame on what happened, but our boss was really the one who should have been SUPERVISING the project. No one received any actual discipline except me, and that was firing.

Of course no one came out and said it was the T-shirts, my boss ever tried to pass it off as other things like my schedule and how they needed someone there 5 days a week. BS. I was fired less than 2 hours after the entire T-shirt fiasco happened with no other disciplinary action taken the year I had been working there. No complaints about my work, my attire, my attitude. But whatever. I can't really change it so I cleaned out my stuff and left. I'll find another job.

So what does it mean that I am out of a job? At first I thought it would be a fine thing. Since I have a lot of homework as it is I figured I would have time to do homework and really get ahead in my studies. Turns out it doesn't work like that. First thing was, that first week after I was fired I was pretty down. It wasn't about losing the job. I really had started to hate that job and the amount of time I was wasting being there. It was just the idea that I was both unemployed and fired. It's pretty depressing, and looking for a job just makes me feel like crap. It's very much something I don't look forward to at all. And then of course there is the idea that I do have more time and as that sinks in I don't really get more homework done, if fact I think I've just barely been breaking even compared to what I used to do.

How is that possible you say? Well somewhere in my mind I know I have more time to do stuff, right? So I spend some time relaxing, playing video games and what not saying to myself "I'll get on that homework in a little bit, I have plenty of time." Then of course I lose track of time and so have to scramble to get homework done when it needs to be done.

So that's my job story. I'm looking for a new job at this point, but not to hard at the moment. I've going to go at it around the first of the year so that I can finish up this semester without worrying about work. I mean if something falls into my lap of looks like a really good job I'll go for it, but I'm not gonna be out flyering the city with applications until later.

Quite an update, eh? I'll try to do them a little more frequently and I'll try to do another soon that somehow concerns school and more of the recent happenings of my life besides what used to be my job. Until then, toodles.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Well I suppose I'll be damned.

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Le sigh, why does the formatting always suck when I post these?

Thursday, July 13, 2006


So once again I'm at work...not doing much. My bosses (2 or the 3) are in contract negotiations with this company for the pension thing. The details are boring, but these negotiations go at least until the end of July if not longer. And the only consistent job I have during this time is to sit in their meeting room during their lunch break and watch a bunch of binders not get stolen because, despite this stuff being confidential, there is no one who would want to take any of it. I mean, they might accidently throw it away, but that's about it.

I've started going to Jamba Juice every day. Lots of surgar in those, or so I've been told, but I like them anyway. It's the only thing that keeps me awake here. I do enjoy the walk down to K St mall though. It's pleasant.

Anyway, in an attempt to do something constructive I've tried to start writing again. It's very difficult. I can't think of much that I want to write about. Plus, I don't really want to leave it at work, but if I send it home I have to send it back to work to keep going after working on it at home..anyway. I started writing a poem about El Tigre, but it needs some work.

I used to be able to sit and read, but my boss doesn't want me doing that anymore because it isn't professional and because I'm stuck as a 2 (or maybe 3rd) string secretary for the big boss of this area I can't just wander off somewhere to read as often as I used to. Le sigh.

On the plus side, Adrienne and I are going to Hawaii in August. We'll be leaving the 8th and come back the 15th. It'll be so nice to get away from Sacramento for a while. I miss Hawaii, it was always so good to me. It will be Adrienne's first trip to Hawaii ever, so she'll have a grand old time. We're saving a bunch of money on the trip, too, because we don't have to worry about a hotel. Yay for relatives that live there.

And just remeber kids, if you lived in Autralia a few thousand years ago you would have had to run from 3m tall demon ducks and meat-eating kangaroos.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All Hail Xenu

So I nearly fell out of my chair at work today. I can't believe how accurate the scientology episode of South Park was about the beliefs of scientology. That is freaking hilarious. Anyone who hasn't seen that episode, even if you don't like South Park, should watch it. Or at least do some reading up on scientology. It's...well I'll try not to bias your conclusions here.

But I would also like to make sure Liam remembers our encounter with Scientology a few years ago with Becca at K st mall. That one guy that we thoroughly confused with our stress tests. What was his name? He was a nice guy. And the messed up personality tests. It was great. I wonder if he's still over there. Oh man, Scientology.

Quack Quack ~Emu Sound~

P.S. Now I really need to get that scientology symbol off my truck. Can't have myself being associated with them.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You fit in with:

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